#757: Fighting to Stay

#757: Fighting to Stay

Sometimes we don’t realize our only issue is our patterns. We fight to stay where we are, even while saying, “nooooo I want out or to change.” You can break free and feel totally different in the process.  In this podcast, listen to the familiar trap of avoidance and emotional neglect that we are used to but may not be aware we are creating. Not only is it about drilling deep but what to do with your feelings as signposts for change.

This episode is not just a listening experience but an opportunity to surrender and stop fighting to stay. 

In this episode, listeners will:

  • See how you cling unconsciously to situations that don’t serve you
  • Pay attention to what an avoidance pattern looks like
  • Yes, your  wisdom is tied into your feelings, so don’t suppress them
  • Why courage aligned with your highest self matters


Feelings are not just emotions; they’re signposts, guiding you to what’s buried deep within. ~ Tracy Crossley

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