#759: What Temper Tantrum?

#759: What Temper Tantrum?

Freak out mode, ever experienced it?

Emotional outbursts or shut downs, the ol’ silent treatment sound familiar? I know for years when things didn’t go my way–I was great at being a stone wall and ignoring. Just like most conditioning, the way we react when triggered may not have changed too much in those moments of stress or conflict. I know the feeling of fight, flight or freeze mode would automatically without thought propel me into a reaction. And then I’d feel bad afterwards or even while acting in this way, wanting to control the situation (yes, control). 

In this episode, Tracy Crossley explains why emotional maturity often lags behind intellectual maturity, tracing these reactions to early attachment patterns and unmet needs. She shares her own journey and offers a three-step process for emotional growth: awareness, feeling your feelings, and taking emotionally risky actions. By embracing discomfort, you can respond from a grounded, adult state instead of a triggered, childlike one.

Tune into this episode to:

  • Learn why you still react like you are five when upset and the root causes
  • Gain actionable advice to grow up emotionally through self-work
  • Hear Tracy’s personal examples of her emotional immaturity and growth
  • Understand how to show up emotionally mature with difficult people
  • Get the 3 steps to end relationship intensity and anxious/avoidant patterns

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