#707 - Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! with Erin Pash

#707 - Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! with Erin Pash

In this episode, Tracy speaks with Erin Pash, a successful therapist and business owner, who shares her journey towards discovering and utilizing her emotional intelligence. From her classic teenage childhood to switching from science to psychology in college, Erin has always had a talent for emotional intelligence and helping others. Join us as we explore the nuances of empathy and emotional intelligence, and how they can impact our personal and professional lives.

Erin also shares valuable insights about the spectrum of emotional intelligence and the importance of setting boundaries when helping others. We also delve into her personal experiences, including her blended family and navigating the challenges of marriage and divorce. As a therapist and business owner, Erin offers her perspectives on bad therapy as well as the importance of reflecting on mistakes and growing from them.

Whether you’re interested in mental health or looking to improve your own emotional intelligence, you won’t want to miss this inspiring and insightful episode. Discover the power of emotional intelligence and how it can change your life for the better.

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