Ascend to Higher Levels of Consciousness

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Self love, emotional well-being and manifesting the hell out of this life are a powerful combination of living the shit out of this life! You deserve it; your birthright is MORE. More love, more money, more happiness all with ease.

Let’s make your next level a journey of blow your doors off fun, depth, and spiritual ascension!

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  • Personalized Mentorship: Direct access to Tracy Crossley for a dive into your emotional landscape, ensuring ascension to the next level!

  • Psychic Sessions: Curated group activities designed to expand your own abilities, allowing the true essence of YOU to shine through.

  • Clarity & Direction: Navigate an experience that transcends the bounds of the earthly – an odyssey towards becoming the best partner to yourself + your spiritual connection

  • Emotional Liberation: Leave the retreat ready to manifest the SH*T out of your life!! Lighter, freer, and empowered, ready to embrace your inner and outer wealth!

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