#348- How Rules Rob You of Happiness

Rules are important for safety and for functioning in society, but you probably have a laundry list of rules you aren’t even aware of; ones that don’t serve you. If you spent today noticing all the rules in your life, you may be surprised by how much they operate your existence. Rules feel safe; they provide a road map. Maybe you’re afraid if you don’t follow them, all hell will break loose and you’ll feel utterly out of control. Rules create a limited way of life because you miss out on the joy of experiencing and allowing.

Maybe you only eat organic produce, or have to be in bed by 9pm every night, or need to wait for someone to smile at you before you smile back, or only date someone of the same race. Preferences are fine, but these can easily become stringent guidelines you follow without questioning them, which can keep your world small and controlled. They become a crutch when you don’t trust yourself or your choices. When you allow life and live in the present moment, you take action from your heart rather than the traffic cop in your head. Happiness isn’t built on rules, and when you let them go, you may just find a better way of doing things.






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