#547 – Journey of Attachment: I’m Tired of Being Single, but I Don’t Want To Settle

You want to meet someone, but it feels like it’s never gonna happen. Where IS he/she already? When will my person finally show up? When is it my turn? People call you picky, but you’re just waiting for the right one. Why should you settle? The truth is, you will never find the perfect person. Humans are flawed, and having impossible standards is what keeps you single. Those standards aren’t there to avoid “settling.” They are about fear. Fear of being seen, fear of being rejected, fear of choosing the wrong person. Have you ever rejected someone because they were too nice or attentive, thinking something must be wrong with them?

Your singlehood is not about everything that’s wrong with others—it’s about you. It’s about where you are closed off and don’t accept yourself. Until you can handle being fully seen, you will avoid a relationship. The cost of rejection is too high. In this week’s podcast you’ll learn more about what keeps you single, and how to approach dating differently. It starts with curiosity and my five-minute rule. Because there is no magical person who will sweep you off your feet and wipe away your insecurities. If you’re afraid of settling, ask yourself why you’re settling for singlehood right now? Staying where you are is a choice. Open yourself up to a different one.

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