#583 – I Have My Act Together, so Why Do I Feel Like Such a Mess?

You sure do have your act together. You look great, take care of yourself and project an air of confidence. Success has always been an important focus, and “slowing down” isn’t in your vocabulary. People may admire you and compliment your achievements, but there’s just one tiny little problem—you feel like an imposter. You’re afraid of people getting close to you because if they do, they might see behind the curtain and realize you’re way more of a mess than they thought. As a result, your personal life is either dysfunctional or nonexistent.

Your drive isn’t actually success, it’s fear of abandonment. If people see your flaws, they might leave. And if you go a level deeper, you’ll discover there is actually something about yourself you find unacceptable. So the mask goes on and the charade continues. Unfortunately you can’t live a full life when you are emotionally hiding. In this week’s episode we’ll dive into the importance you place on your exterior, and what drives your fear. When you start confronting your fears instead of avoiding them, you dismantle them brick by brick. And what you uncover is emotional freedom.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Drop the façade and be you with no act, no barbed wire and a welcome sign to love!

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