#582 – Journey Of Attachment: The Counterintuitive Secret to Being “Enough”

Do you surround yourself with cool, successful or impressive people to feel like you embody those qualities by association? How many of those friends do you stay in touch with and make plans to get together while they put forth little-to-no effort? When you don’t feel valued, one way to fill that emptiness is to work hard at relationships that would probably fall apart without your effort. Your pattern of trying to prove your worth exhausts you, and any feelings of worthiness are temporary.

Unfortunately you can’t force yourself to believe you are enough. But you can recognize all the ways you don’t believe it by your actions… and then change your behavior. What are you doing and why? Is it authentic, or is it coming from a place of lack? Affirmations and simply proclaiming, “I am enough!” don’t work if you don’t believe it. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn what to do instead. It may be counterintuitive, but it will move you out of resistance so you can begin the deeper work.

Wisdom Nugget (#wisdomnugget)
Being enough is a decision, followed by more choices in your favor.

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