#609 – Freedom from Attachment: Dear Universe… Are You My Dad? And Other Weird Attachments

You blame the Universe/God/whatever for what goes wrong in your life, believing you are constantly being punished for not doing things perfectly. Other people are rewarded with what they want, while some force seems to work against you. You hold out hope that one day the Universe will come through for you while simultaneously expecting disappointment. Where the hell did this belief come from?

If you’re like me, it may have come from a parent or caregiver who you relied on for love and attention… which you didn’t receive. You felt unworthy and undeserving despite working hard, so you transferred those beliefs onto something else: the Universe. If daddy won’t give me what I want, why should I expect the universe to cooperate?! In this week’s episode, we’ll dive into why you seek external validation and where it comes from. Failure and disappointment are not your fate. Once you identify these negative beliefs and their origin, you can shift to a more empowered perspective; one in which you DO get what you want.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Remember: you matter. You are worthy, and waiting for conditional approval is waiting for the 12th of never.

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