#632 – Freedom from Attachment: When You’re Attached, There’s Only Room In the Relationship For You (REBROADCAST)

If you can’t live without someone, and are knee-deep in soulmate territory where you need them to “complete” you, you are very likely stuck in attachment. You have a picture in your head of what you want your life to be and how you want to feel, so you’re trying to fit them into it, regardless of how things really are. So you push and pull, trying to mold them into what you want. Perhaps you cherry pick the good moments to convince yourself they’re the one. But where are their feelings in all of this? Are you in this relationship together, or are you just focused on getting what you want? And are you even getting it?

Attachment is self-absorption in many ways. Not because you’re self-centered or a bad person—not at all. You are simply reacting to your pain, which can be all-consuming. It’s an emptiness that needs to be fed, so you are constantly looking for ways to fill it. The quicker the better because you’re in scarcity land and it may disappear in a blink. Attachment like this can be an out-of-body experience where you are completely disconnected from your deeper feelings. In this week’s podcast I challenge you to look beyond yourself to see the other person for who they truly are—with empathy and compassion. This will help loosen that tight grip of yours so you ease anxiety and see your relationship a little more clearly.

Wisdom Nugget (#wisdomnugget)
Self absorption is attachment. Feeling your real feelings will help you connect better with others.

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