#633 – Freedom from Attachment: Money, Money, Money Is Your Lover

How’s your relationship with money? They don’t call it a relationship for nothing. Just like love, if you are insecurely attached, your money relationship is probably based in scarcity. Just like love, it mirrors what you believe you deserve. Just like love, you fear it will disappear. Having money isn’t the issue—many insecurely attached folks are financially successful. It’s the feelings and fears associated with money that create problems, just like an intimate relationship. If you are stingy with money, overspend, feel guilty spending (especially on yourself), fear losing it, avoid looking at your balance or just have general anxiety around money, you need this episode.

Join me as I share the common threads between money and love, and how insecure attachment affects both. Just like love, healing your relationship with money starts with awareness. It involves commitment, connecting with your emotions around finances, making different choices and growing your self-worth. When you believe you deserve, scarcity gives way to abundance. It’s not about how much you have in the bank; it’s about feeling good regardless of your balance. Because when you have enough (money AND love), you stop the anxious search and celebrate what you have.

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