#684 – Freedom from Attachment: Breaking the Toxic Anxious-Avoidant Relationship Cycle (REBROADCAST)

#684 – Freedom from Attachment: You Are Not Worthless. How To Change Your Tune! (REBROADCAST)

Go ahead, buy that car. You’re worth it. Your well-earned promotion will finally show people you have arrived. How do you measure your worth? Is it by what other people label as important, or what you feel inside? Will chasing money, fame and success make you feel worthy and valued? Of course not. Some of the most successful people in the world have an enormous sense of lack, believing more accolades will eventually fill them up. Intellectually you know fulfillment doesn’t work this way, yet your subconscious still searches for validation over the next mountain.

So where does your internal value come from? Much of it is learned in childhood from your parents’ feelings of worthlessness. Yep, it’s passed down, so to speak, through the generations. Of course you didn’t know this as a kid; you simply modeled their behavior and emotional responses. And instead of seeing the problem as theirs, you believed something was wrong with you. In today’s podcast we’ll look at how we search for worthiness externally, and how to cultivate it internally. Everything you avoid takes away your worth, so start by accepting where you are right now—even if you feel utterly worthless. Then, let resistance be your guide. What you most resist is often the pathway to a more fulfilling life.

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