#689 – Freedom from Attachment: You Hurt My Feelings (And Other Inconsiderate Acts)

#689 – Freedom from Attachment: You Hurt My Feelings (And Other Inconsiderate Acts)

You’re in a heated argument with someone. Maybe you have unresolved anger from an earlier situation so it escalates quickly. Harsh words are exchanged, the jabs get personal, then bam—your feelings are hurt. You feel wronged, victimized, and unfairly attacked. You might assume they set out to hurt you and it’s all their fault. But how do you know their intention?

That’s what we’re talking about this week. When someone says or does something that hurts your feelings, and you expect them to “fix” it because it’s their fault, you are at their mercy. It sounds harsh, but no one owes you anything…and it takes two to tango. Instead of putting all the blame on them, look at how you contribute to the situation and what you expect from them. YOU are responsible for your emotions, your actions and your reactions. And that’s good news because it means your emotional wellbeing is in your hands, not someone else’s.

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