#567 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Jill de Jong

From a small village in Holland to the international modeling scene, Jill de Jong led an adventurous but exhausting life. At 17 she moved to Milan, working long days and sleeping on planes. After four years of missed birthdays and weddings, she tried to settle down and leave modeling, but restlessness bubbled up. She moved to NY with her husband where modeling continued taking toll on her physical, mental and emotional health. Constantly depleted with lot of uncomfortable body issues, Jill dove deep into health and nutrition.

“If you really need weekends to recover, you’re not implementing enough time to rest during the week.”
–Jill de Jong

As she healed her body, Jill’s relationship was falling apart. She lost herself while trying to “fix” her husband and make him happy. When the marriage eventually ended after 12 years, Jill saw an opportunity to design the life she wanted. She became a personal trainer and started sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition with others. Today she is retired from modeling, and happily married to the man she met just one day after she wrote down her goal to fall in love again. In addition to writing the book “Models Do Eat,” Jill hosts a podcast and coaches others on their health and wellness journey. Join me as Jill shares her thirst for life and adventure with an energy that’s palpable. Her life advice: Do one thing differently to spark a little bit of new energy.

You can learn more about Jill at https://www.jilldejong.com/

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