Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Kute Blackson

#693 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Kute Blackson

Kute had a rather unconventional upbringing. His dad was a spiritual leader who built 300 churches in Ghana and led a huge congregation in London. Everyday Kute would watch his dad, dubbed the “Miracle man of Africa,” heal people. Then, at the boyish age of 14, Kute was ordained as a minister and instructed by his father to take over. Although he was an empathetic kid and wanted to help people, this wasn’t what he wanted. After four years of depression and inner turmoil, he left the church and followed his soul to the US. What he would do there, he had absolutely no idea. He was 18 years old.

Join me for Kute’s inspirational journey to understand life and listen to his inner wisdom (even when he didn’t know where it was leading him). He’ll share why, after incredible persistence and determination, he turned down an opportunity to realize his dream. Instead of following his ego, he surrendered to life…and he tells us how we can do that too. Today Kute is an inspirational speaker, author, teacher and next-gen personal development leader who inspires people to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

“Life tends to unfold in ways that are way better than we could ever plan for ourselves.” —Kute Blackson

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