#725– Worrying About Trusting Others Is a MF; Focus On Trusting Yourself (REBROADCAST)

#725– Worrying About Trusting Others Is a MF; Focus On Trusting Yourself (REBROADCAST)

Do you believe trust must be earned? Like your partner showing you their texts to prove he/she is dedicated. Trust isn’t about controlling what another person says or does, and it’s not something to be exchanged, like money. In fact, trust isn’t about other people at all—it’s about you. When you don’t trust yourself to handle a situation, you decide the other person is the problem.

Trust occurs when words and actions match, and trust is broken when they don’t. You expect that from other people, but do you practice it yourself? In this episode we’ll talk about how to become the trustworthy person you expect others to be. And how it’s better to trust that you can handle life than to expect other people to change.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[01:25] Trusting Yourself is Huge: Focus on trusting yourself rather than worrying about trusting others.

[02:27] Words and Actions Must Match: Understand that trust is built when your words and actions align. Emphasize the need to match your own words and actions.

[06:11] Being Emotionally Resilient: Trust yourself to be emotionally resilient and handle disappointment, rather than constantly blaming others and feeling victimized.

[10:57] The Importance of Self-Trust: Realize that trusting yourself is crucial for building close and bonded relationships and avoiding unnecessary anxiety and control.

[12:44] Taking Responsibility for Trust Issues: Recognize that building trust is not about the other person, but about your own choices and actions in a relationship.

[18:13] Choosing Yourself Over Attachment: Examine why you cling to someone who is not ready to commit and realize the importance of choosing your own best interest.

[20:52] Trusting Yourself and Accepting Circumstances: Emphasize the importance of loving yourself and making choices based on feelings rather than intellectualizing, and accepting circumstances in relationships.

[21:47] The Way to Trust Yourself: Understand the importance of trusting yourself to handle situations, being responsible for your own feelings, and making better choices in relationships.

[22:52] Being in the Present Moment and Learning from Mistakes: Highlight the significance of being present, taking responsibility for your feelings, learning from mistakes, and building self-trust.

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