#726 The Answer to All Of Your Problems

#726 The Answer to All Of Your Problems

I wonder if you know you’re in a ferris wheel cycle of problem-solving? Wonder why you’re always focused on issues that get in the way of enjoying life? “He won’t commit, my job sucks, no matter how hard I try–something always gets in the way and so on.” In this episode, Tracy dives deep into the trap of living in “Problemville,” where you’re constantly seeking solutions but never finding peace.

What’s the real answer to all your problems? It’s not another quick fix or strategy; it’s a radical shift in perspective. Tracy challenges you to move from a state of lack to a state of abundance, from control to true awareness. Stop looking for problems and start living the life you truly desire.

Here’s a glance at the episode:

[1:24] You’ll learn why a problem-solution mindset won’t bring you joy, love, happiness, or abundance.

[3:26] Discover how a constant focus on problems can keep you playing small, just like it did for Tracy.

[7:24] Understand how your focus on problems actually creates more of them, and how your resistance to emotional change is a contributing factor.

[11:17] Find out how resisting what you truly desire can lead to emotional heaviness and keep you stuck.

[12:25] Realize why relying on your old toolbox and attempting to control circumstances is a futile effort.

[13:26] Learn that while problem-solving may give you an illusion of control, you’re actually not in the driver’s seat.

[21:57] Grasp the importance of daily focus on your desired direction, rather than getting sidetracked by problems and challenges.

[23:12] Shift your mindset to one of creativity and uplifting solutions, instead of being bogged down by problem-solving.

[25:27] Connect to your inner joy and learn to avoid the trap of constantly looking for problems, especially in your relationships.

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