#736: From Attachment to Fabulous! (REBROADCAST)

#736: From Attachment to Fabulous! (REBROADCAST)

Imagine what it would be like not to beat yourself up all the time, or to stop shaming yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. What would it be like to tell your inner critic to shut up, and instead make choices that feel good to you? I’ll tell you what it would feel like: it would be fabulous. I know this because that’s where I live now… although I used to have a very different address. I used to think my best life hinged on my partner. If things were great with him, my life would be peachy. Well, that’s not called fabulous; that’s called attachment.

If you are making (bad) decisions because of the person you’re attached to, you are not living your best life. Those decisions come from fear of losing the relationship, not from love. They come from scarcity, not abundance. When you stay in attachment, your world becomes very small. In this week’s podcast I’ll help you identify what you actually want and start making decisions that feel good. Because you deserve fabulous!

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