Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! With Maz Dela Cerna

Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! With Maz Dela Cerna

Join Tracy as she interviews Maz Dela Cerna, a bestselling author and energy healer. Born into poverty in the Philippines, she faced unimaginable hardships, including homelessness, abuse, and addiction.

Despite her traumatic past, she found hope and strength through spiritual experiences. She discusses her personal growth, her discovery of the law of attraction, and her work in helping others overcome their limiting beliefs and energetic blocks.

Here is a glimpse at the episode:

The childhood trauma and overcoming obstacles (01:30): Maz Dela Cerna shares her journey of overcoming obstacles such as homelessness, childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, eating disorders, and depression.

The near-death experience and spiritual experiences (06:18): Maz Dela Cerna recounts her near-death experience and shares spiritual experiences she had while being homeless, including speaking in a different language and hearing a guiding voice.

Dysfunctional relationships and trauma bonding (10:33): Maz Dela Cerna discusses how her childhood trauma led to dysfunctional relationships and trauma bonding, where she sought out partners who would accept her trauma and baggage.

The wake-up call (11:55): Maz Dela Cerna talks about the moment that woke her up to the toxic cycles in her life and made her realize she needed to make a change.

Losing everything (12:18): Maz Dela Cerna shares the story of her second last toxic relationship, where she was left with nothing and had to rely on the support of friends.

Discovering manifestation (15:00): Maz Dela Cerna explains how she discovered the law of attraction and manifestation, which helped her turn her life around and achieve financial success.

The Reiki Journey (22:39): Maz Dela Cerna talks about her journey of becoming a reiki master and how it led her to meet like-minded people and run retreats.

Manifestation and Vision Boards (24:23): The conversation shifts to the topic of manifestation and vision boards, discussing how the law of attraction helped with money and the importance of clearing blocks and limiting beliefs.

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