#738: Focus on You - You Beautiful Thing! (Rebroadcast)

#738: Focus on You - You Beautiful Thing! (Rebroadcast)

You have spent your life doing for others, worried that if you don’t put them first, they’ll leave… or at the very least they’ll be mad at you. It’s exhausting, however, so you want to start prioritizing yourself and your growth. You know you’ll feel better, shed the resentment and have more energy, but what if the people in your life think you don’t need them anymore? What if they think you’re being selfish?

It is NOT selfish to want to feel good. You are actually doing the world a favor by taking care of yourself because a happier you means a more pleasant person for others to be around. When you focus on how you feel, what lights you up and what you want, everyone benefits. How different would it feel to make decisions based on what you want rather than what someone else wants? How much lighter and energized would you feel? If you wait for permission to say no to someone else so you can say yes to yourself, you’ll be waiting forever. Stop believing people will leave in droves if you “selfishly” take care of yourself. The ones who do are a negative in your life, not a positive. You’re a kick-ass person who deserves to be happy. Decide you deserve your own love and attention. Do it selfishly and others will reap the benefits.

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