#739: 3 Steps to Loving Yourself: You Are Not a Project! (REBROADCAST)

#739: 3 Steps to Loving Yourself: You Are Not a Project! (REBROADCAST)

Did you grow up feeling you were too much, not enough, too nice, too cold, too sensitive, too shy, too annoying, too inquisitive, or too ANYTHING? Basically, instead of being loved for your whole self, did you feel like you were simply tolerated? Maybe you wondered, throughout your life, if people even liked being around you because those too much/not enough beliefs were always with you. So, to move from tolerance to love, you worked hard to prove yourself worthy of someone else’s company. And did those people (intimate partners, friends, family members, etc.) treasure you for the wonderful human you are? Probably not. Why? Because you didn’t treasure you.

Self-love isn’t simply about spa visits, eating healthy, working out, or treating yourself to a new outfit. It is attention, connection, and awareness to yourself. And you cultivate it by slowing down, feeling your feelings, and choosing what makes you happy. When you love yourself, you have compassion for who you are, what you are, and why you are. And that is where true love with someone else begins… because love from another person won’t feel good unless you feel it for yourself first.

As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect and embrace this journey of self-love. In this week’s podcast, I’ll share three questions to ask yourself to shift from external “give-it-to-me” love to true self-love. You deserve more, but to get it, you have to step up and show yourself some love.

Let’s make this new year a turning point for embracing and celebrating your true self.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Self-love comes from all the in-between moments, not the pinnacles! Let this new year be your catalyst for a journey of self-discovery and genuine self-appreciation.

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