#746: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Marni Battista

#746: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Marni Battista

Join Tracy as she welcomes Marni Battista, a powerhouse entrepreneur, author, transformational coach, and radical truth seeker. Marni’s captivating stories of triumph, paired with her unique ability to drop wisdom that’s as profound as it is humorous, will not only entertain but also deeply transform your perspective on life. 


With experiences ranging from heartwarming essays in prestigious publications to appearances on shows like Dr. Phil and Loveline with Dr. Drew, Marni shares her journey of radical living alongside her husband and two cats, Simon and Fergus Katz, as they traverse the globe. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that’s bound to inspire you to stop merely existing and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams.


“Stop living by the shoulds. Ask yourself, what do I need and what do I want? Even if it’s just one time, give it a try. You do have a choice.” – Marni Battista


A glance at this episode:

[00:02:24] The Concept of Radical Living: Marni discusses the essence of her work and the shift from focusing primarily on dating coaching to embracing a broader perspective on living radically and authentically.


[00:04:35] Personal Evolution in the Marketplace: Marni reflects on the evolution of her personal brand and how authenticity played a key role in transitioning her focus in the marketplace.


[00:10:06] The Journey to Self-Discovery: Marni shares insights into her personal journey of self-discovery, including selling her house, living in an RV, and how these experiences contributed to her growth and understanding of what it means to live radically.


[00:17:11] Social Media’s Role in Personal Growth: Marni discusses how social media can be a platform for spiritual work and personal expression, sharing her experience with taking a social media fast and how it impacted her life.


[00:26:17] Working One-on-One with Clients: Marni talks about the joy and fulfillment she finds in working directly with clients, helping them uncover their true desires and break free from the constraints of societal expectations.

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