#747 - My life is good, but something is missing

#747 - My life is good, but something is missing

If you’re feeling the nagging sense that something is missing in your life, like you’re stuck in the same old patterns and stories, then you are not alone! Maybe you’re telling yourself that your life is good, but deep down, there’s a yearning for something more. You might have been seeking advice from others, asking for their opinions on decisions like dating or career choices, only to find yourself stuck in the same place, unable to break free from the obstacles you’ve created. It’s time to uncover what’s holding you back and take the courageous step towards authentic growth and relationships.


In this episode, you will be able to:


  • Explore the complexities of human emotions and relationships for deeper understanding and meaningful connections.
  • Unlock the importance of self-awareness and personal growth for a more fulfilling life and authentic relationships.
  • Overcome self-deception to uncover your true potential and live a more authentic and purposeful life.
  • Cultivate courage and self-love in relationships to foster genuine and lasting connections.
  • Discover the power of soul plan readings for gaining self-understanding and clarity on life’s purpose.


So stand up and be in your own two shoes and commit to yourself. Because every time I’m vulnerable, I’m committed to myself. And that means that if I commit to myself, I can commit to other things as well. – Tracy Crossley

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