#734: The Art Of Attachment and S*x

#734: The Art Of Attachment and S*x

Ever feel overwhelmingly drawn to someone that the physical attraction is just insane?

Where you know you are powerless to stop the descent into what is probably going to be complex and messy, but that magnetism to them has you out of your mind?  

Tracy dives deep into the complex world of attachment styles and how each one – avoidant, anxious, and more – uniquely intertwines with our sexual lives, often in ways we don’t consciously realize.

Tracy also explores the misconception that anxious attachment is purely emotional, revealing how it often manifests in the heightened intensity of sexual encounters. 

This episode is a journey into understanding why we may feel a magnetic pull towards certain partners and how this attraction can be misleading, mistaking intense physical connection for emotional depth. 

Yeah, sorry about that…as much as you might want him or her to be your soulmate, it might just be a physiologial response to your conditioning. 

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