#732: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! With Jamie Scrimgeour

#732: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! With Jamie Scrimgeour

Tracy and Jamie Scrimgeour, the host of the chart-topping “The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast, tackle the nuanced realities of step-parenting. It’s all about setting boundaries, when to disengage, and the long-term commitment required to forge strong family bonds. Jamie shares her own experiences, around her blended family.

Tune in for a conversation that’s as real as it gets, and discover why Jamie’s voice has become a leading one in the step-parenting community.

Here’s a glance at the episode:

[07:59] Jamie’s Journey: Introduces Jamie’s personal experience and the motivation behind her support platform for stepmoms.

[11:18] Stepmom vs. Ex-Wife Narrative: Addresses a common societal issue and offers a perspective on improving these relationships.

[13:34] Stepmom/Stepdad Double Standards: Highlights the different societal expectations and challenges faced by stepmoms compared to stepdads.

[20:24] Positive Disengagement: Provides practical advice on managing family dynamics in a stepfamily.

[30:11] Ego and Boundaries: Discusses the importance of self-awareness and setting boundaries, which is crucial for any stepmom.

[30:57] Stepmom Stress Bounce Back: Talks about emotional resilience, which is a key aspect of step parenting.

[33:24] Normalizing Stepparenting: Emphasizes the need for open dialogue about step parenting, a topic that can benefit a wide audience.

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