#731: Find Your Spark; Get The Love You Want!

#731: Find Your Spark; Get The Love You Want!

The key to everything you want is that “spark!”It’s time to put disappointment on a shelf and not wear it like a sweater. Whether it’s a relationship that’s lost its spark or a job that is dragging you down, Tracy will show you how to break free. 

The beauty of this episode is that the power to have what you want is in your hands, it’s not up to others.  Start living from that spark inside, so you sparkle and shine everywhere you go no matter who you are with.  Tracy shares real-life examples and actionable steps to shift your focus inward. 

A glance at this week’s episode:

[03:30] – Don’t Let Expectations Ruin Your Day:  You’ll hear how building up expectations and assumptions about people and situations can lead you straight to disappointment and unhappiness.

[05:46] – Own Your Joy: Learn why your happiness shouldn’t depend on anything or anyone outside of yourself. You’ll get real-world examples that show how external circumstances can rob you of joy if you let them.

[11:20] – Stop Blaming Traffic for Your Bad Mood: Discover how focusing on external annoyances like bad drivers can make you unhappy and disappointed. It’s time to stop personalizing things that have nothing to do with you.

[12:11] – Quit the Makeover Project in Your Relationship: Find out why trying to change your partner is a fast track to unhappiness. Learn to take responsibility for your own joy instead of outsourcing it.

[14:15] – Choose Happiness, Choose You: Reflect on your past behavior in relationships and see why the key to happiness is making a conscious choice for yourself. It’s time to put you first.

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