#642 – Freedom from Attachment: How Do I Love Me When I Am So Focused on the Idea of Others Loving Me?

You can picture it: that special someone loving you, supporting you, giving to you, doing things for you. You have a vision for how your life will be when that person is in it (and it’s a lot better than your life is now!). If it doesn’t happen, you imagine yourself crumbling into a million pieces. It HAS to happen. This can be a desperate feeling full of shame, believing if you don’t find that person, it means you’re worthless. You need them to love you so YOU can love you. But, my friends, that’s backwards. First you must focus on loving yourself.

That’s not always easy, especially if your parents didn’t know how to show you love and affection. In this week’s podcast we’ll use a journaling exercise to explore the emptiness you feel, and what it would be like to have someone love you so you can start directing those things toward yourself. You can choose to live in a fantasy of what being loved would be like, or you can take steps toward creating it. Reality is available to you, and it’s so much better than the dream.

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