#727: Love Your Anxiety

#727: Love Your Anxiety

As the seasons change, anxiety can creep into our lives. Stress of the holidays, the pressure of end-of-year deadlines, money issues, your love life can combine to make an anxiety stew! 

Anxiety isn’t the enemy—it sounds the alarm when fear comes up!. It provides a clue to your internal life. Where you lack trust, what you fear, what you don’t accept, etc. Forget solving it externally, it won’t work. 

Even if the situation stops causing anxiety, that sleeping bear still lives inside you. 

Anxiety grows when you hate it, disown it, try to reason with it and push it away. What’s the answer? Instead of running from it, sit with it. Check out this episode and in the meantime listen more deeply to what anxiety tells you. 

Here is a glance at this episode:

00[:46] Explore the concept of loving your anxiety and understanding its role in your life.

[03:30] Learn about the importance of reintegrating parts of yourself that you’ve abandoned or hidden due to fear of judgment.

[06:39] Discover ways to break free from anxiety by accepting and loving all parts of yourself, even those that cause discomfort or shame.

[11:13] Understand the importance of accepting and loving your anxiety instead of fighting against it.

[12:08] Hear personal experiences about living with anxiety, including its constant presence in various aspects of life.

[16:59] Learn how self-acceptance and embracing all parts of yourself can lead to a reduction in anxiety and a happier life.

[20:52] Revisit the idea of loving and accepting anxiety as a part of yourself, and the role it plays in your life.

[21:55] Get encouraged to be curious and sit with your anxiety to understand how it feels in your body and where it’s connected inside you.

[22:49] Understand the importance of integrating and accepting the parts of yourself that you fear, leading to a decrease in anxiety.

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