#740: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! With Joan Sotkin

#740: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! With Joan Sotkin

Join Tracy as she interviews Joan Sotkin, the founder of Prosperity Place and a renowned author. Sotkin shares her intriguing journey from aspiring ballet dancer to a successful businesswoman and coach. She dives into her unique coaching approach, her experiences with healing, and her evolving understanding of health and diet.

Sotkin emphasizes the importance of self-understanding and inner peace, offering valuable insights and resources from her website. Tune in for an episode filled with profound lessons on personal development and prosperity.

Here’s a glimpse at this episode:
[03:01] Joan’s Childhood Dream: Joan Sotkin shares her early aspirations of becoming a ballet dancer and her passion for dance.

[05:49] Discovering Healing Abilities: Joan recounts her journey of discovering her healing abilities while running a crystal business, highlighting her initial hesitation to embrace her role as a healer.

[13:47] Embracing Life’s Lessons: The hosts and Joan Sotkin discuss the idea that there are no bad decisions, only opportunities for learning different life lessons.

[24:44] Understanding the Brain’s Role: Joan emphasizes the significance of understanding how our brain functions and how this knowledge can influence our decisions, feelings, and life outcomes.

[39:04] Money and Relationships: Joan underlines the crucial understanding that money is always connected to people, stressing the importance of focusing on building relationships for true prosperity.

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