#741: Fear of Happiness (Rebroadcast)

#741: Fear of Happiness (Rebroadcast)

Some people equate numbness with happiness. As long as nothing is poking at you screaming for your attention, you think all is right with the world, and you work hard to maintain this state. But when something triggers you, you can’t handle being out of control, so you scramble to get back to that safe space you THINK is happiness. Nope, it’s numbness, and it’s not where you want to live.

Many people say they aren’t control freaks, but their internal feelings tell a different story. If you feel anxious whenever you let loose, have fun or feel attracted to someone, that’s a sign of control. In this week’s podcast I challenge you to become more aware of this paradigm because many people delude themselves into thinking they’re happy when in fact they are just numb and trying to avoid being triggered. Happiness is not to be feared, but you need to let go of control in order to let it in.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
You can pretend numbness is peace and happiness or you can challenge yourself to lose control and have FUN, emotional intimacy and vulnerability! Uh yeah happiness!

And speaking of happiness, especially in love, have you ever considered that the journey to finding your soulmate starts with letting go of control?

That’s exactly what our “30 Day Guide to Manifesting Your Soulmate” course is all about.

It’s designed to help you break free from the numbness and control, guiding you towards emotional clarity and true, joyful love.

If you’re ready to embrace vulnerability and manifest the love you truly deserve, this course is for you.

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