#742: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Garret Yount

#742: Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Garret Yount

Join Tracy and Dr. Garret Yount, an expert in molecular neurobiology and consciousness research, as they dive into the fascinating intersection of science and the mind. Dr. Yount recounts his teenage clairvoyant experience that ignited his passion for exploring consciousness and its mysteries. The discussion navigates through the realms of gene expression, epigenetics, and the profound impact of emotions and thoughts on our health.

Dr. Yount also sheds light on his research into external qigong healing and the intriguing concept of vibes. The episode wraps up with insights from his book “Why Vibes Matter,” offering a beginner’s guide to understanding and influencing vibes. Join this captivating journey into the depths of consciousness and its influence on our biological being.

Here’s a glimpse at this episode:

[00:03:23] Clairvoyant Experience Sparks Interest in Consciousness: Dr. Garret Yount shares a pivotal clairvoyant experience from his teenage years, which led him to explore the mysteries of consciousness and its connection to molecular neurobiology.

[00:10:11] Consciousness Beyond the Brain: Dr. Yount discusses the perspective that consciousness is not solely brain-based, challenging traditional scientific views and opening up new avenues for research in consciousness studies.

[00:15:01] Consciousness Influences Gene Expression: The episode dives into how our consciousness can affect gene expression, highlighting the power of our thoughts and inner world in shaping our genetic makeup.

[00:27:47] Exploring External Qigong Healing: Dr. Yount talks about receiving a grant to study external qigong, a form of energy healing, and the challenges faced in replicating the experiments conducted in China.

[00:33:55] Introduction to “Why Vibes Matter”: Dr. Yount introduces his book, “Why Vibes Matter,” which serves as a guide to understanding and influencing vibes, including practical techniques and self-tests for readers.

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