#743: Believing You are Important Changes Everything

#743: Believing You are Important Changes Everything

Stories, we all got them.

How many of your stories are about you being the hero versus you being the loser? A lot of the stories that play as background music in our minds tends to be of the negative sort. What if she shows you how to dig deep into the power of self-validation? Tune into this episode as she talks about our focusing on problems, stops us from our dreams, and our potential. 

Let’s challenge the norms, and discover the joy of living a life that truly matters. Whether it’s breaking free from unfulfilling jobs or toxic relationships, this podcast is your guide to reclaiming your self-worth and creating a life filled with purpose and happiness.

A glance at this episode:
[02:44] Introduction to “Your Life Matters”: Discussing the significance of recognizing one’s self-worth.

[4:44] The Tendency to Avoid Self-Reflection: Exploring how individuals often shy away from examining their hopes, dreams, and sense of self-worth.

[08:49] The Interplay of Beliefs and Reality: Investigating how personal beliefs are formed and influence one’s perception of reality.

[10:44] Understanding Emotional Triggers: Analyzing the effects of news and social media on emotions and the importance of valuing time.

[20:53] The Journey of Following Your Heart: Sharing personal stories about making life decisions that align with one’s passions.

[21:52] Learning Through Self-Awareness: Highlighting the role of curiosity and awareness in recognizing personal actions and motivations.

[22:54] Unveiling Hidden Conditioning: A discussion on assisting individuals in recognizing and overcoming their conditioned responses.

[24:10] Introduction to the Soul Blueprint Program: Offering guidance on discovering one’s purpose and unique strengths through the Soul Blueprint.

[25:23] The Role of Curiosity in Self-Discovery: Focusing on the significance of curiosity for understanding behaviors and shedding ego-driven conditioning.

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