#10 – You are Amazing, Strong and Courageous Every Time You Fall Off the Horse

You could have raised yourself.

You did not want to raise yourself, but it seemed the most logical step in what you needed to do to make it through childhood. Very few people understood you, although you might not have let on to it. In fact, with those few who understood you—they have been able to get the closest to you and that may not be very close at all. 

You are ferocious, voracious and fierce…..but there is a part of you inside that is disconnected and does not feel your worth. You think your worth through these abilities to get back up and go!

The persona you have at work as the inferno fighting kick ass boss may have fans but people are intimidated by you. And you may prefer it that way.

But who is really in your corner? The people who say it? Nope…perhaps the people who act like it, as long as they are not doing it for just their benefit. The goal for you is to keep on fighting to either stay at the top or get there. You want that 360 view, and so when life throws you curveballs with your health, a break-up, death, destruction or even loss of clients in a major way as to seriously affect or zero out your revenue and cause you to have to get up by the bootstraps AGAIN.

You will eventually burnout and not give a shit.

You will eventually hit the wall where if you have not already questioned what drives you and why?

You will alienate others, even people you do not want to but your choices will isolate you, since you are so used to the role you play with donning your cape and making shit happen.

You may believe it is the only way to be and stay successful, but it is not. Far from it.

You do not need to be a superhero. You can bring a bit of something else to what you do, because YOU are not a one dimensional human being. 

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