#13 – Chasing Specialness and Other Forms of Validation

We’re living in a “specialness” epidemic; the desire for attention, respect, even adoration. It can lead us down a career path just to find it. Being seen as special isn’t just a goal, it’s a need, but it’s not an intrinsically motivated one. It’s driven by what you believe “special” means to other people, and it comes from a place of lack. Even being near special people can make you feel like you’ve joined the club. But no matter how much you seek it, you never actually feel it. Special becomes elusive, which makes you want it even more.

But what if you didn’t need to exhibit special to feel special? Chasing what we think is meaningful to others is exhausting and it doesn’t equal success. In this episode I’ll ask some questions about what you’re really looking for, why you need it and how it makes you feel. The essence of who you are, not what you do or achieve, is what makes you special. It emanates from within.


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