#14 – The Power of Me: The Myth of Ease in Leadership

#14 – The Myth of Ease in Leadership

When you hear the word “ease,” do you think of a lazy person who is not on their toes? Or do you think it’s a pot of gold at the end of a hard-working, problem-solving rainbow? What if I told you ease is a mindset? It’s not about what’s happening externally; it’s about presence and feeling worthy of having it.

Working like crazy and trying to solve problems before they even show up will have you running around with your hair on fire. Instead of lifting 1,000 lbs daily, try lifting just enough to keep growing your value moving toward ease. In this episode we’ll look at the challenges you think you need to face, and where you can let go, because your worth is not determined by your ability to slay dragons. Ease is available and it will make you a stronger leader.


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