#19 – Emotions as a Leader: Stop Trying To Control Them and Learn How To Use Them

When you cross paths with a powerful woman, do you see them as a possible work connection…or as your competition? Do you admire what they do and want to learn more, or do you compare yourself to them and wonder how they got so lucky? No matter how successful you are, women who are a few steps ahead can bring out that green-eyed monster, leaving you to feel insecure and threatened.

Tune in to this week’s episode where we look at why women are better at tearing each other down than lifting each other up. When you believe there isn’t enough success to go around (hello, scarcity!) you can miss out on a lot of opportunities. If we want more women in the C-suite, we have to start opening ourselves up and lending a hand. Helping other women in business is about being confident enough in yourself to hold the door open rather than letting it hit them (and you!) in the rear.


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