#16 – The Power of Me: I’m Not Greedy! I Just Want What’s Fair

#16 – I’m Not Greedy! I Just Want What’s Fair

When it comes to what you earn, have you held yourself back for fear of appearing greedy? It’s easy to impose limits on yourself when you’re afraid of stepping on someone else’s toes, or when you think others feel slighted while you’re living high on the hog. It’s easy to question your worth when someone pays you what you deserve (or more)… but how does it serve you?

In this episode we’ll talk about this fear of appearing greedy, and challenge the idea there’s not enough to go around. You can play small, but the cost is ultimately your success and wellbeing. A scarcity mindset will always keep you settling for less. When you feel that sense of restraint inside, step through it. Abundance is available to those who believe it exists.


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