#18 – The Power of Me: Emotions as a Leader: Stop Trying To Control Them and Learn How To Use Them

#18 – Emotions as a Leader: Stop Trying To Control Them and Learn How To Use Them

Whether you want to admit it or not, emotions always play a part in decision-making. We are whole humans, not some mass of intellectual cells, so you can try to hide or control your emotions (good luck), or you can use them to your advantage. Being friends with your emotions makes you unshakeable; not being friends with them makes you hollow because there is nothing substantial to ground you.

In this episode we’ll look at how emotions can be valuable sign posts for directing your decisions, and how to lean into them (it starts with trust). Disconnecting from your feelings can steer you towards fear and scarcity, which is not a good foundation for effective, empowered decision-making. Cultivate emotional intelligence and you just might be unstoppable.


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