Monday Tip: Be Wrong

Monday Tip: Be Wrong

Oh boy do we love being right. That “I told ya so” can feel so satisfying, but why? What do we actually gain by being right? A feeling of superiority? Validation that we’re worthy? Those feelings are temporary and come from a state of lack. When they disappear, we need something else to fill the void.

Healthy relationships aren’t about winners and losers. Allowing your partner to be wrong is kind and compassionate, and allowing yourself to be wrong is vulnerable. We are all imperfect, and being wrong doesn’t diminish our value, just as being right doesn’t make us king or queen of the mountain.

TIP: Instead of trying to “win” an argument, offer your perspective without making them wrong—two different viewpoints can happily coexist! This is especially true when emotions are involved. If someone feels hurt, resist the urge to explain why you’re right and they’re wrong. Sometimes listening is the kindest thing we can do.

If you’re finding this tough to do, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we dig into old patterns and where they come from… like needing to be right.

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