Monday Tip: Bury Your Fairy Tale

Monday Tip: Bury Your Fairy Tale

Fairy tales can be fun fantasies when we’re kids, but in adulthood they can be incredibly painful. How long have you waited for your knight in shining armor or your perfect princess to show up? Someone who will rescue you from your ho-hum life and tell you how amazing you are (because you don’t feel very amazing). Someone rich, gorgeous and charming you can show off at parties where you overhear people say, “Wow, what a catch!”

Folks, this is a recipe for disappointment because even so-called “catches” have flaws and qualities that are not appealing. Waiting for your fairy tale is also a way of avoiding intimacy because no one will ever measure up to the picture in your head.

TIP: Bury the fairy tale and look at the real picture. What don’t you like about your reality and how can YOU change it? Not through someone else rescuing you, but by you rescuing yourself. Start by giving yourself the love and attention you fantasize about receiving from someone else.

When you treat yourself like a prince or princess, you end up with a REAL happy ending.

If you’re finding this tough to do, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we go deep into topics like this.



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