Monday Tip: Fill Your Tank

Monday Tip: Fill Your Tank

Often, when someone does something nice for us, we immediately want to reciprocate. If someone gives us a gift, we feel terrible if we don’t have something to give back. When they compliment us on our outfit, we look for something nice to say about them. If someone drives us to the airport, we feel indebted to them and look for a way to settle the score.

Reciprocity is wired into our brains so it’s not surprising this is our go-to move. But I’m a big fan of acknowledging our subconscious, then consciously choosing something different. Just because our brains are wired a certain way, doesn’t mean we need to go along with it.

TIP: The next time someone offers you something, whether it’s a gift, a favor, a compliment—whatever—simply say “thank you” and stop there. Fight your subconscious desire to reciprocate, and instead let their generosity soak in. Accept it, feel it, appreciate it. That’s it.

Sometimes your heartfelt gratitude is the best gift you can give them because it allows for the purity of their gesture. When you offer something in return, it can become transactional. Yes, receiving is uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to practice! And it’s a lot more generous than you may think.

If you’re finding this tough to do, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we practice the art of receiving and other uncomfortable actions.

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