Monday Tip: Give Yourself Some Lovin’

Monday Tip: Give Yourself Some Lovin’

Yep, it’s almost here again: Valentine’s Day. We’ve created all this pomp and circumstance around one single day, but rarely is it the “best love day ever.” In fact, better titles might be “best day for crazy-ass expectations” or “best day for hating singlehood” or “best day to avoid overpriced, overcrowded restaurants.” Who’s with me?

Unfortunately Valentine’s Day (with its red roses, heart-shaped jewelry, sexy lingerie, and Hallmark cards) has become pretty far removed from real, vulnerable, generous love. It’s more about fantasy, romance, and expectations. So what are we to do on this day dedicated to love, that doesn’t really resemble love at all?

TIP: Use Valentine’s Day as a reminder that real love is available to us ALL the time. A great way to truly feel that is to give yourself some lovin’. No matter what’s going on in your life—good or bad, happy or sad—direct some love energy at yourself. If you need a little guidance, listen to my self-love meditation.

If you’re still finding this tough to do, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we practice how to open up and vulnerably give and receive love.

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