Monday Tip: Spot Emotional Unavailability

Monday Tip: Spot Emotional Unavailability

Last week’s tip was about not ignoring red flags, so this week I’m going a step further. One red flag I see people ignore all the time (or don’t actually see) is emotional unavailability.

What do I mean by emotional unavailability? Someone who:

  • Isn’t emotionally present or connected
  • Doesn’t match their words and actions
  • Plays hard to get
  • Avoids intimacy
  • Discounts your feelings

If this sounds like insecure attachment, you’re right. Most emotionally unavailable people are Anxious, Avoidant or Anxious-Avoidant. And the kicker is, if YOU are emotionally unavailable, you’ll attract the same. Yep, in this case like attracts like. To have a healthy, emotionally connected relationship, you need to be emotionally available yourself.

TIP: Spot emotional unavailability in others AND yourself so you can work on opening yourself up…and attracting partners who do the same. Read 10 Signs of Emotionally Unavailable Men You’re Probably Missing so you know what to look for. BTW, this applies to women too!

Emotional availability starts with you.

If you’re finding this tough to do, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we go deep, deep, deep into emotional availability!

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