Monday Tip: Take One Step Forward

Monday Tip: Take One Step Forward

Last week we talked about setting a goal, then letting go of how it needs to happen. When you’re narrowly focused, you can miss out on pretty amazing opportunities. But that doesn’t mean you sit back and do nothing. No, quite the opposite. To make something happen, you need to take action.

If you want a partner, go on a date.
If you want to grow your business, go to a networking event.
If you want to move, go to an open house.

This bears repeating: you can let go while still taking steps toward what you want. That’s when magic happens.

TIP: This week, take one step toward a goal you have. You can start small (and even stay in your PJs!). Sign up for a dating site, register for an event, browse Zillow listings, take an online course, etc. Eventually you’ll want to do something in the real world, but the internet is a good place to start.

If a goal stays in your head, you’ll be in the same place next year. Take steps toward what you want, while letting go of exactly how it needs to happen.

This can be a tricky balance, so if you’re finding it tough, hit reply to set up a discovery call and talk about options, including my Mastery group program where we practice this exact thing.

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