Monday Tip: Write a Letter to Your Honeybun

Monday Tip: Write a Letter to Your Honeybun

Last week I talked about burying your fairy tale and choosing reality, so this week we’re not just going to focus on reality… we’re going to make it happen. I’ll start with a quick personal story:

When I was dating, I used to pick apart the guys who liked me (yeah, I suffered from the fantasy ideal too!). This led to a constant cycle of disappointment, believing I was doomed to be alone forever. So I tried manifesting a partner, which sort of worked, except I manifested the wrong ones because I lacked clarity about what I really wanted (again, I focused on the fantasy).

Eventually I decided to get brutally honest about what was important to me (not the bullsh*t I told myself before), and be totally open to the process. That’s when I started writing letters to my future partner.

Two months later I met my husband.

TIP: Write a letter to your future honeybun. Talk to him/her in the present tense with the intention of sharing the real you. Tell them about your day, what you’re feeling, what you’re looking for in a partner and how excited you are to meet them. Most importantly, FEEL it as you write so you’re totally connected to what you say. If your words are empty, it won’t work. And if you’re not honest, you may attract what you don’t want.

Side note: This isn’t just for singles. If you’re in an unhappy relationship, write to the person you want to be with. When you have clarity about what’s important to you, you’ll know whether or not your current partner can give you what you want.

Want more detailed guidance? I have a manifesting mini-course with how-to videos and the actual letters I wrote my husband. Oh, and it’s less than $30! How’s that for an affordable “me” gift?

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